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Synesthesia Gear, 2007
stirling silver, silicon RTV, LEDs, electronics
Synesthesia is a genetic neurological condition (like left-handedness) that causes "synesthetes" to experience the comingling of the senses. A person's face or name may trigger a cloud of orange; the sound of a violin may cause a cascade of silver shapes; the color of the sky may be an entire meal. Once thought to be extremely rare, synesthesia is now believed as common as 1 in 23.

But almost no one knows about it. So many synesthetes grow up isolated, sensing their difference but having no words to describe their experience. Synesthesia gear helps resolve this situation from two fronts. Wearing accessories or clothing branded with "SYN" or "sense2," synesthetes can easily spot one another. These provocative items start conversations that allow discussions of synesthesia that helps synesthetes learn about their condition.