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I bring to my work a background and practice of the philosophies of integrated ecological design. I hold certificates in permaculture design, natural building and sustainable international development from the Permaculture Institute of Northern California, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, and the Xopilote Association in Tlaxcala, Mexico. I have taught beginning and advanced permacultural practice and integrated ecological design on the west coast of the US and in Mexico. I launched a popular series of classes in the conversion of diesel engines to straight vegetable oil (SVO) that helped create the American biodiesel movement and enabled hundreds of people to convert their cars to run on this carbon-neutral fuel. While permaculture espouses some 20-odd "design principles," I have found they can be encapsulated in the nine principles of the following diagram, which explores the interrelatedness of the design principles of what I prefer to call "Integrated Ecological Design."
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