Capra J'neva
373 Oxford Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94306
2001 "Bad Luck" Build Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Mixed-Media photographic constructions.
1996-2001 Represented by Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon.
1998, 1999 "Museum of the Lost Sciences" Plate series auctioned at PICA's Dada Ball.
1998 "Museum of the Lost Sciences" Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon. Mixed-media photographic constructions.
1997 "The Birds (the show), Flocking (the event)" Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Oregon. Invitational Group show and fashion show with performance art.
1997 "Anonymous" Art, Portland, Oregon. Invitational Group Show.

1997 Seattle Art Fair with Augen Gallery.
1995 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. First-place award for "Places Tearing Her Apart."
1995 "The Journal of an Artist Going Blind" Obscura Gallery, Portland, Oregon. Mixed-media photographic constructions.
1994 "Divine Homesickness" LaVerne Krause Gallery. Photographs & paintings.
1991 Untitled exhibition of mixed-media works on paper. Zero Square Gallery.
1991 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. First-place award for "The Shroud."
1990 The Art Store Gallery, Pasadena, California. Juried show.
2004-2005 "Signal to Noise" Multimedia Performance Production Design for Allison Farrow, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, NY.
2002 "Secrets of Cargo Exchange" Multimedia 'Lecture': Writer, designer, Lecture Series - Transportation, The Lab, Portland, OR.
2001 "Improvisations" Vocal & bazouki performance, Irrational Exuberance 848 Community Space, San Francisco, CA, curated by Jay Schwartz & Jenny Bitner.
2001 "Diatribe" Video short : Art director, assistant editor, screenplay, lead acting. Produced by Frank Clare of Aye M Eye, San Francisco. Winner 3rd place, Brno Film Festival, Czech Republic.
2000 "Toxic Opera" Multimedia performance: Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR. Production design, animation, soundtrack, vocals, spoken word, event coordination & promotion. In partial fulfillment of an Regional Arts and Culture Council grant.
1999-2000 "Faust/Faustus" Multimedia performance: Costume design, vocals, lead acting, movement, acting on video, with Creative Materials Group. Over 35 performances at Gallery 291, London, UK; Kings Lynn Theatre Festival & Castle Rising, Norfolk, UK; Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland; Quartersaw Gallery, Portland, OR; Arena Theater, Eugene, OR; University of Oregon Museum of Art, Eugene, OR; Dante's, Eugene, OR; San Francisco Fringe Festival, Exit Stage Left Theater, San Francisco, CA. A video based on the performace is being screened this year at KunstFilmBienale in Cologne, Germany, Raindance Film Festival in London, Tiburon International Film Festival in San Francisco, New York International Independent Film + Video Festival, Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Ohio International Film Festival and Milwaulkie International Film Festival.
1999 "Road Trip" Multimedia performance: Production & costume design, vocals, spoken word & movement, with Heather Beckett, Night of a Thousand Tongues, Clinton Street Theater, Portland, OR.
1998 "Empire Postcards" Production & costume design, vocals, spoken word & video, with Leon Johnson of Creative Materials Group, Secret Show, Berbatti's Pan, Portland OR; School of Fine & Applied Arts, Eugene, OR.
1998 "Tapping" Multimedia performance: Production & costume design, vocals & movement, with Heather Beckett, The Magnet Showings, Conduit, Portland, OR.
1998 "Torch" Multimedia performance Vocals, spoken word performance & video, with Leon Johnson, Secret Show, WOW Hall, Eugene, OR.
1997 "Bearing Flight" Performance: Production & costume design, vocals & movement, with Ovid Uman, The Flocking, Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, OR.
1997 "THE FIT/the fitting" Vocals & spoken word performance, with Leon Johnson, tidbit, Portland, Oregon
1995-1996 Quaraž'ť Vandelor, monthly vocal performances at Obscura Gallery, Portland, OR.
1994 "Wind Before Hurricane" Multimedia Installation. LaVerne Krause Gallery, Eugene, OR.
1994 "The Battleground: a room of thorns" Multimedia installation. Eric Washburn Gallery, Eugene, OR.
1993 "Spiritual Topography" Multimedia Installation. LaVerne Krause Gallery.
1993 "The One-Grain Hourglass" Multimedia Installation. Eric Washburn Gallery.
1982-1990 Acted in and created sets for over seventeen theatrical productions with Valley Community Theater Association in Saratoga, California, Lakewood Community Theater in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Roles include Marian the Librarian in The Music Man, Arvide in Guys & Dolls, Becky Thatcher in Tom Sawyer, & Betty Paris in The Crucible.
2002 "Sahra" Sahra, CD. Backing vocals, arrangements. Womanstory, San Francisco, CA.
2000 "Searching For Home" Challa, CD. Accapella vocals & compositions with Heather Beckett. soniCinema, San Francisco, CA with support from a Regional Arts & Culture Council project grant.
1997 "Stares in Ruin", Thine Eyes, CD. Vocals, Synthesizers, Composition. Kodex, Germany.
1995 "Construction No. 009" Thine Eyes, label compilation. Arts Industria, South Bend, Indiana.
1995 "There is No Time" Thine Eyes, quadruple compilation. Ras DVA Records, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1994 "Thread" Thine Eyes, EP. Arts Industria, South Bend, Indiana.
1994 "The Art of Brutality" Thine Eyes, label compilation. Arts Industria, South Bend, Indiana.
1993 "Journal of Half-Wakened Dreams" Soul Parish, CD. Backing vocals. Secession, Eugene Oregon.
1993 "Once Despised" Thine Eyes. Flavour of Tears Productions, Eugene, Oregon.